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Climate Guardians
5 min readMay 18, 2022

Learn more about the Celo chain and Celo technology and how Climate Guardians is integrating with the Celo ecosystem.

Welcome Guardians!

The Celo Platform

The Celo blockchain is one of the fastest-growing Defi blockchains across the industry. Celo provides incredibly fast, lightweight transactions that remove the complexity for new users by providing simple transaction details — enabling smooth onboarding. The Celo Platform places significant emphasis on mobile-users which enables the platform to position itself for a 5.5 billion audience. One of the most unique features of Celo is that it is the first carbon-negative blockchain. This contemporary approach to sustainable blockchain-technology is facilitated by incentivizing the protection of natural capital. This means that transactions have a carbon-neutral impact on the environment alongside its capacity for transactions to be borderless, easy to use, and accessible for all through it’s sustainable infrastructure. Celo is a fork of the Ethereum blockchain, making it a Layer-1 blockchain that is fully compatible with Ethereum tooling. Celo is an open platform making financial tools also accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. Celo is primarily a mobile-first blockchain platform, facilitating the opportunity for Climate Guardians to positively reach more than 5.6B smartphone owners across the world. Lastly, Celo comprises a proof-of-stake (PoS) ecosystem that can be used to pay (low cost) transaction fees, participate in governance, and other related activities. With Celo being a mobile-first platform, anyone with a smartphone represents a proof-of-stake network, which represents how earth-friendly this PoS system is on the Celo chain.

Why adopt Celo blockchain technology?

  • Emerging blockchain: fastest growing blockchains, growing its TVL by 157% since August 1st 2021, from $339M to $870M at the end of 2021.
  • Low transaction costs: one of the cheapest blockchains when compared to other major blockchains.
  • Fast transaction speeds: on track to be the quickest EVM chain by the end of 2022 with previous recordings of consensus algorithm capable of running at speeds of 200,000 TPS, an incremental increase from the standard 140,000 TPS seen across most other blockchains.
  • Carbon-neutral impact: carbon-negative blockchain, fighting climate change by incentivizing natural capital
  • Expanding Defi Ecosystem: friendly Dapp ecosystem with several leading Dapp projects and a Defi ecosystem that facilitates start-ups through independent initiatives, including Celo Camp, allowing for an ecosystem of powerful community-driven applications.

The Climate Guardians team are excited to be operating on the Celo blockchain. Our mission is to create a fun interactive game with a positive real world impact on climate change by offseting carbon emissions. Our global team is looking forward to working with the Celo Foundation in the near future. The Climate Guardians team hopes to work closely together with the Celo Foundation to combat the increasing carbon emissions and fight the carbon-positive stigma associated with blockchain technology and create a better climate neutral world together.

If you are interested in learning more about the Celo blockchain and engaging with Celo, you can check them out here Likewise, if your interest is in the Celo Camp and tracking the projected roadmap for changes and updates you can follow up with them here:

Climate Guardians and the Celo Camp

In Celo’s mission statement, Celo claims that its mission is to build a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity for everyone. This mission statement is also shared by Celo Camp.

Celo Camp Incubator is an independent initiative run by entrepreneurs who are passionate about the potential for global financial inclusion and mass adoption. The accelerator program provides startups with various benefits such as mentoring, funding, networking, a great curriculum with workshops, tech-support, perks, and impact to make a fundamental change in the world of financial inclusion. Celo Camp provides an 8-week virtual accelerator and mentorship program to guide the Climate Guardians team in building a sustainable and scalable business on the Celo blockchain.

Climate Guardians has been awarded a position within the Celo Camp initiative, placing upon the top 31 participants of more than 300 applicants of the initiative.

Celo Camp & Climate Guardians Partnership

Climate Guardians are incredibly proud to have been rewarded the opportunity to work with Celo Camp to build a successful project. The Celo Camp experience also provides fantastic community and userbase building opportunities that will enable Climate Guardians to become one of the most exciting community-driven and climate-focused projects in the web 3.0 industry. This combination of support and feedback also helps us improve our gamified experience for players and investors.

Our Amazon Rainforest Treasury

Climate Guardians have developed an intuitive design for the DAO treasury by ensuring that real-world assets back up all value locked up in the Climate Guardians treasury. These assets are the accumulation of forestry and land in the Amazon Rainforest. The community will control this treasury. It will also be used to donate to Climate Initiatives and charities and buy CO2 certificates that grant the possibility to earn their holders a passive income while supporting the environment.

Climate Guardians is currently running its first NFT Whitelisting on the official website. Players have the opportunity to play the minigame and win a Whitelisting spot for the Genisis NFT sale event. Every NFT bundle will represent the co-ownership of a treasury full of assets from REAL RAINFOREST on planet Earth! 🌏

The Climate Guardians team will be releasing more details regarding its rainforest treasury very soon via our Gitbook. Keep an eye out on our social media!

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