Climate Guardians Launches NFT Whitelisting Spots for the First Play-To-Preserve Game

Climate Guardians
4 min readMay 16, 2022

Climate Guardians Is Developing The First “Play-To-Preserve” NFT Strategy Game To Offer A Mobile Gaming Experience That Preserves The Amazon Rainforest.

You can find a copy of the original Press Release article for Climate Guardians May Whitelisting event here:

Climate Guardians is a Free-to-Play resource management and strategy game based on the eco-friendly Celo blockchain. It introduces a brand new concept to gamers and investors known as Play-To-Preserve, where players have the opportunity to contribute positively to climate change, especially to the issue of deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest.

Climate Guardians is being developed with inspiration taken from some of the most popular mobile games including Clash of Clans and Age of Empires.

Build Your Village and Recruit an Army

At its heart, Climate Guardians is a base-building video game with real-time strategy elements where players can immerse themselves into the Amazon through folklore, myths, and legends. Players are responsible for resource management and the development of their very own village in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Resource management skills can come into play depending on what troop structures or technology the player set out to research as they will heavily affect how strong their loadouts become. Players can build vast armies to battle the evil and corruption lurking in the forest.

Team Up With Friends For Unique Fights

Climate Guardians offers players all the above with a co-op (cooperative) experience. This means that players can match with other players that have the same or similar matchmaking rating (MMR) in order to obtain even more resources. Players can work together and defeat the enemy’s fortifications, outposts and other positions held across the map — following quests and missions within campaign-style gameplay.

Portability and User Friendly

Matches and combat in-game are relatively quick averaging between 3–5 minutes for players. This means that players can have a quick game while on the go. Climate Guardians is suitable for all ages being extremely friendly, easy to play and likeable with its cartoon and mythical type characters and buildings. Climate Guardians will be made available on mobile Android and iOS as well as PC, allowing a range of users to get involved.

Save The Rainforest

Player-To-Preserve is a brand new concept in the blockchain gaming industry that has been created by the Climate Guardians team to describe a gaming experience in which players are offered the chance to make a real-world impact on the environment by preserving trees in the Amazon Rainforest, fighting deforestation, and ultimately climate change by interacting and managing their assets in-game while fighting against corruption and evil.

Gain Your NFT Whitelisting Spot Now!

Climate Guardians is happy to announce that starting Monday the 16th of May we will be offering the first 150 Whitelisting spots for our NFT Pass Presale Event! This is a great opportunity to become a valued community member, and an early supporter of the project while gaining a whitelist for the Climate Guardians NFT Pass Presale event.

To qualify for a whitelisting spot, users must join the Climate Guardians Discord server and complete the following steps:

  1. Join the server via the invite link here
  2. Verify that you aren’t a robot
  3. Go to the #whitelist-here channel
  4. React to the emoji in the channel
  5. The first 150 discord members that do this will be granted the ”Whitelisted” discord role
  6. Finished, it’s as simple as that. Congratulations!

Within this presale event, there are five tiers of presale passes that will be made available to users that have been Whitelisted. These come in five tiers to fit every budget and allow everybody to participate in the fight against climate change.

Some of the benefits of these presale passes include:

  • Exclusive member-only rewards
  • Token airdrops
  • Limited In-Game NFT Airdrops
  • Real-World CO2 and Rainforest Purchase
  • Early access to the game

Stay tuned on our social media as we will release more information soon regarding the NFT Passes and presale event!

If users have missed out on this opportunity to gain a Whitelisting spot? Don’t worry, keep an eye out on our social media accounts for more opportunities!

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